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Analytics, Data Science & Gen AI

Guja Lomsadze

Founder & CEO at RADIX

Guja is an experienced data engineer who has held leadership roles at EPAM Deutschland, Making Science, Procredit Bank, and American pharmaceutical company Merck. At Merck, he led research on gene visualization and data automation in genetic engineering and drug discovery. He envisioned and implemented a platform for scientists to access cross-departmental information and test hypotheses in real-time, potentially accelerating research by years.

In addition to his scientific and technological activities, Guja actively conducts training courses in data engineering in Georgia and Germany. He is a contributor to several libraries and technologies of the Python programming language and ASF, including: Pandas, Numba, Apache Airflow, Apache Kafka, JIT, FastAPI, Anndata, NumPy and others.

In 2020, Guja Lomsadze founded RADIX, a data-driven solutions company. His automated system has proven successful in providing businesses with real-time data mining, visualization, and forecasting capabilities. This success was recently recognized with his victory at the National Entrepreneur's Day Pitch competition in the USA. RADIX is the winner of Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency grant too.


Guja Lomsadze
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