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Matthew Brandt

Decision Engineer & Content Creator

Matthew has amassed over 10 years of experience working with more than 50 companies, where he excels in creating tracking concepts, overseeing and implementing analytics, establishing reporting stacks, and conducting data analysis for diverse stakeholders. In recent years, his focus has centered on SaaS and operationalizing data for various teams. Matthew works full-time at Well, a Swiss Digital Health Platform and is a prolific content creator who spends a lot of time educating others through Twitch livestreams, webinars, organising in-person events and creating YouTube videos.

Boasting such a broad background in data, Matthew has adopted the moniker "Decision Engineer" due to his proficiency in various aspects of the analytics spectrum. He thrives on engaging with stakeholders for ideation and requirements engineering, and expertly drafts specifications for technical implementations and to support data collection and processing. His collaboration with data scientists in creating data products, coding queries in SQL, and building comprehensive reports and dashboards all contribute to his passion for assisting individuals in making informed and intelligent decisions.

Matthew Brandt
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