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Analytics, Data Science & Gen AI

Stefan Kraus

Co-founder of The Node Institute, Genius Loci Weimar & MXZEHN

Stefan is a Berlin based media artist and educator who co-founded creative coding education hub - The NODE Institute, the projection mapping festival - Genius Loci Weimar, and the media art studio - MXZEHN. Trained as an architect at Bauhaus-University Weimar, Stefan explores the augmentation of physical structures using interactive and generative media and the narrative potential of abstract imagery. He holds a special interest in the art of live visual improvisation and creates augmented scenographies for theater, dance and music performances.

Stefan enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with the students of different universities and the creative coding community. His studio produces interactive installations, live media performances and augmented reality applications for commercial clients, festivals, institutions and exhibitions.


Stefan Kraus
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