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Analytics, Data Science & Gen AI

Guido Pizzini

Business Development, Impact and Partnerships Director at iMMAP Inc.

Guido is an accomplished professional in the humanitarian field, with over 15 years of experience with various #UNagencies, NGOs, and international organizations including the Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, both at the field and HQ levels.

Internationally recognized as a technical expert, Guido specializes in Emergency Needs Assessments, Analysis, Information Management, Data Visualization, and Project Management. Throughout his distinguished career, Guido has been deployed to numerous large-scale humanitarian operations and has conducted over 30 field support missions. His expertise and dedication have made him a vital asset in the humanitarian sector.

Currently, Guido serves as the Business Development, Partnerships, and Impact Director at iMMAP Inc., a US-based nonprofit recognized as one of the most trusted partners in the humanitarian sector for information management. In this role, he continues to drive impactful initiatives, foster strategic partnerships, and advance the organization's mission.


Guido Pizzini
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